Traditionally, a small plastic or porcelain baby is hidden into the king cake. It is usually green, gold, or purple to represent the colors of the holiday. Originally, the baby was placed into the cake to symbolize baby Jesus.
Today, the baby symbolizes luck and prosperity to whoever finds it in their slice of cake. In some traditions, the finder of the baby is designated “king” or “queen” for the evening. 
The New Orleans Pelicans have also infused the tradition of the king cake baby into their NBA team. Their mascot has always been Pelican Pierre, but they have recently introduced the King Cake Baby as a second mascot during games around Mardi Gras.

Saturday January 13 at 7:00 pm

Fête de l’Epiphanie

Galettes des Rois - King’s Cake


Where:  Chez Pat 29+Bainbridge Drive ,West Ashley

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