Phonetics, the science of language sounds, includes the sounds of consonants and vowels as well as the rhythm and intonation a language is spoken. Reading poetry is the best way for acquiring a good rhythm of the French language. Exercises will help students to correctly pronounce the French letters I, U, R, A, etc. While reading French may not be a problem for most students, speaking it or even more understand spoken French is usually a problem for new Francophones.  Students will also learn the French phonetic notations, symbols found in most French dictionaries, which will help them to know how to pronounce French words.

Interested members should contact either Marie-Laure Arnaud at (843) 813-1663 or or Isaac Cohen at (843) 936-6801 or

843 936 6801

Contact: Isaac Cohen

  1. When: Wednesday evenings: 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. First class will be Wednesday, September 6th 6:00pm

  2. Location: Law Offices of Cobb, Dill & Hammett at 300 W. Coleman Blvd, Room # 106, Mt. Pleasant

  3. Instructor: New member Isaac Cohen

  4. (Formerly with the Alliance Française of Chicago where he taught this class for more than 20 years)

  5. Frequency: One class per week for 8 weeks

  6. Course Content: Attached below for reference

  7. Cost: $150 per student

Read and enjoy learning French poetry during the course as an added bonus!