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bastille day

Fête Nationale

(Bastille Day Picnic)

July 14th 6:00pm - 8:00pm

For members and guest


Wear your red, white and blue finery and come celebrate French National Day with us at our indoor covered dish picnic Saturday, July 14, from 6-8 pm at the Brickyard Plantation club house:

Registration required ! (use form below)

The Alliance will have a Barbecue (Merguez, hamburger, hotdog) and salads

The Alliance will provide a cash bar of wine, beer, and Perrier for a small donation. Wine - $3 per glass, 2 glasses for $5.00; $2 per beer; and $1 Perrier.

During this celebration we will welcome our Versailles Gardening Exchange Program students.


Want to get get involved and have a behind-the-scenes access to one of our biggest events? Support the Alliance by joining our volunteers' team and help us prepare Bastille Day. There is no language requirement or minimum to volunteer.  Volunteers receive free admission to events at which they help.Please contact Pat Caldwell - 843 556 8458

Contact: Pat Caldwell